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Promoting Gender Equality Through Mentorship

In 2023, the GES Collective proudly introduced its Women’s Mentorship Group for North America Exhibitions, aiming to cultivate leadership skills, boost self-confidence, and pave the way for career advancement among women. Guided by a dedicated Advisory Board comprised of influential women leaders, this program reflects our commitment to fostering a culture that values learning, growth, and gender equality. View the ESG Report to learn more about our commitments.

Employee Goals & Focus Areas

  • Mentorship
  • Leadership skill development
  • Career Advancement
  • Building industry connections
  • Deepening specific skill/knowledge areas

Program Structure

Monthly large group meetings with targeted themes provide a platform for collective learning and focused discussions.

Impact and Vision

Beyond individual growth, the program aspires to see more women and ethnically diverse employees in leadership roles.

Praise for the Women’s Mentorship Group
Here’s what a few mentors and mentees have to say, about why they participate and the value they’re experiencing.

"When I was a young professional, the companies I worked for were male-dominated (manufacturing) and there were no programs like this. I look back and wish that I had someone to go to for advice or for help - someone who understood balancing career and school (graduate) while being a wife and a mom. I had two female managers in my 25-year career, who gave me great advice personally and professionally. I want to be available for today’s young professionals and help them develop skills and confidence to advance in their careers and navigate the corporate world. It’s my favorite part of the job, even though it doesn’t feel like “a job.”

“Incredibly beneficial and validating experience. It provided invaluable guidance, and relatable connections with women across the organization. I highly recommend it to any woman seeking personal and professional growth.”

"I work with 3 mentees from various departments and cities. We usually meet once a month 1:1 and then the next month as a group. Offering advice and a safe place to share thoughts gives me the satisfaction that maybe I can help someone else on their career path as so many others have helped me. I will continue to mentor as long as I can … now I get to give back!"

"My mentor, as well as the other mentors and mentees, have made themselves available whenever I need to chat, get advice, or need a second opinion — if the day allows. I have gained more confidence as a leader and I’m figuring out what kind of leader I want to be. “

"Being part of a diverse group of women leaders and aspiring mentors boosted my confidence, taught me to acknowledge my weak points, and gave me the resources to develop my skills in order to reach my professional goal."

"The Women's Mentorship program has truly been a transformative experience for me, both personally and professionally. The guidance and support I received from my mentor have been invaluable in boosting my confidence and refining my skills. Being part of a community of women with shared goals and experiences has been incredibly empowering and motivating. I am grateful to be part of it and look forward to seeing the program continue to empower and uplift women in their personal and professional endeavors."

Progress is a Crucial Component of Our Growth

We recognize that strong and empowered individuals are more willing to step outside their comfort zones, courageously engage with our clients, and create outstanding results. In 2023, the GES Collective launched several initiatives to support our empowerment efforts. Our commitment is to continue to explore ways to champion our teams, ensuring we remain a valued leader in our industry.