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Exhibitor Graphics: Digital File Submission Guide

Print Ready Artwork is required to complete an order. Exhibit Systems+ Orders must be submitted no later than 30 days before show open date to ensure availability. 

Exhibit Systems+ Artwork/File Requirements

  1. Scale: Provide artwork/graphic file at 100% Scale
  2. Images: Files should be supplied at 100dpi (minimum) at full production size.
    Do not exceed 200 dpi. 
  3. Bleed: Allow for 1" bleed all around
  4. Colors: Provide colors in PMS or CMYK
  5. Fonts: Convert to outline
  6. Linked Artwork: All linked artwork must be embedded
  7. Overprint Settings: Please ensure the overprint setting is turned off (Illustrator-Attributes) 
  8. Format: Save the file as a production-ready PDF 
  9. File Name: Your Company Name, BoothDesignLetter, Option Number, Panel Letter (Example:GES_BoothA_Option2_PanelA.pdf)

Click here to view our Graphic Proofing and Approval Process

  1. You will receive an email notification when you have a new proof or new version to review/approve.
  2. Action 1: Click the "Go to Proof" button to begin your review/approval.
  3. Action 2: view two buttons at the top: Add Comment & Decisions. If changes are required, click "Add Comment" and indicate changes in the comment box. You will have arrows and more to help indicate what to change. If additional information is required, such as sign copy/graphics are needed for the change, use the Attachments paper clip in the upper right corner of the comment box or drag and drop files into the comment box. Ensure to click "Post" button to save any comments
  4. Action 3: After you have added any necessary comments to the proof click "Make Decision" and the proof decision window will pop up. If you have added any comments requesting changes, click "Changes Required" and click "Make Decision" to confirm your choice. When a proof needs changes you will receive a new version after the changes are made and repeat the review and approval process until the proof is marked as Approved. 
  5. Action 4: If the proof is ready to be Approved, click "Approved" and click "Make Decision" to confirm your choice.

Proof Example Booth F: 

Additional Information: 

Suitable Files - Production Ready PDF

  • Adobe Illustrator CC 2020 - .pdf
  • Adobe InDesign CC 2020 -  .pdf
  • Adobe Photoshop CC 2020 - .pdf
  • Adobe Acrobat -.pdf


If your vector artwork needs to be color specific, please set up your files using the Pantone color pallet. Some Pantone colors are more likely to be achieved than others, we will match all Pantone colors to the best possible interpretation. We do our best to match any physical print sample, however, the colors may deviate slightly due to the limitations within the print process.

If providing colors as CMYK, please set colors as spot. Spot colors are colors that have been specifically labeled within design software so that RIP Stations can recognize them. Setting colors to “Spot” enables the RIP Station to adjust the colors independently of the design software to maximize workflow.


All fonts must be converted to outlined. 

Bitmap/Raster Artwork

PDF is the preferred file format for raster images. Files should be supplied at 100dpi at full production size. If the resolution is lower than 100dpi at full production size, images can look blurry or pixelated when printed. If there is a lot of small text in the raster image, the file can be provided at higher resolutions to ensure print quality.

Note: Files obtained from the internet (JPG, GIF, PNG) or artwork created in MS Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) are often not suitable for high-quality output for large/grand-sized graphics or signage.