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11 Tips for Staying Healthy at Show Site

Attending trade shows and conferences can be hectic and stressful, your health doesn't have to suffer as a result. You can maintain good health and motivation throughout your trip with the right attitude and a bit of careful planning. In this post, we'll offer tips and suggestions for staying healthy while traveling and attending a conference.

Calm Your Mind
Caring for your mental health during a work trip might be the last thing on your mind but it is important to make it a priority. Calm your mind by attending a morning yoga class or try meditating by downloading an app or listening to a podcast. Incorporate deep breathing exercises into your day, take a walk, eat lunch outside, take a coffee/tea break, or schedule a manicure. Sometimes just taking the time to explore a new city, try a new restaurant, or meet new friends might be a great way to reduce stress and re-energize yourself. 

Sleep Well
Sleeping well in a hotel can sometimes be difficult, but it is important to prioritize getting a good night's sleep while you are traveling. Try putting away electronic devices an hour before bed, dim the lights, listen to soothing music, take a hot shower, or meditate before bed. 

Stay Hydrated
When you’re attending conferences, it’s easy to get busy with show events and forget to drink enough fluids. A big part of learning how to stay healthy as a business traveler is practicing good hydration techniques. When you’re at a conference or trade show, make sure to carry around a reusable water bottle and take note of where the free water refill stations are. You’ll be surprised how much more energized you’ll feel during the long days of the conference when you are well-hydrated.

Bring Snacks
Healthy eating while traveling isn’t difficult if you plan ahead. Remember to pack snacks so your energy levels won’t deteriorate at your conference. Some healthy snack options to bring along with you are: protein bars, beef jerky, nuts, and dried and fresh fruits. 

Not only are these snacks quite easy to pack, but they’re also good at keeping you full throughout the day. If you have a collapsible cooler, consider bringing that along with you and filling it with ice from the hotel’s ice machine to keep anything perishable that you bring nice and fresh.

Don’t Forget Protein
Staying healthy at a conference should always involve ample amounts of protein. Protein gives the body energy and will help fill you up. When you’re figuring out what to eat at the trade show, keep your focus on protein-rich foods like protein bars, grilled chicken, fish, beans, and tofu. Also, look around the show floor to see if exhibitors are sampling healthy snacks. When you have a full stomach, you’ll enjoy improved concentration and higher energy levels.

Scope Out Nearby Restaurants
When you book your conference, investigate the restaurants in the area so you will know where to go when you have a meal break.  Eating healthy at a conference can make the entire experience much more fulfilling. Try to pick restaurants that offer wholesome choices like salads, vegetables, and grilled/roasted meats. While it’s tempting to visit your local fast-food chain, even the healthiest of these restaurants will likely have few choices when it comes to fresh produce and foods that are not fried.

Savor Your Food
When it’s time to grab a bite, do your very best to slow down and savor your food.  This can be tough but it’s important.  When you haven’t eaten in many hours, it’s all too easy to gobble down a meal as fast as you can.  But this often results in the bloating, discomfort, and regret that come with overeating.  Eating slowly gives your stomach and your brain a chance to communicate so you will realize when you’ve had enough.

Maintain Your Workout Routine
Another key component of learning how to stay healthy while traveling for business is to maintain the workout routine you have established at home.  After a long day at the conference, when you are dead tired, your first inclination may be to just kick back and relax in front of the TV.  But a workout will do much more towards restoring your energy levels. Even the smallest hotels have fitness facilities and even a 20-minute walk on the treadmill can energize you. 

Prepare Meals Beforehand
If you have food sensitivities, are a picky eater, or have other reasons for maintaining strict control over what you eat, it is possible to prepare your own meals at the trade show. Many hotel rooms at large convention center hotels come with mini refrigerators and microwaves. You may also consider investing in a tabletop electric grill so you can cook while on the go.  

Try Food Apps
For those that aren’t in the mood for cooking after a long day at a conference, download Uber Eats, DoorDash, or another food app that allows you to choose what type of healthy meal you want. With food apps, you can filter the results by dietary preferences like vegetarian or gluten-free.

Food Sensitivities
Food sensitivities can make it more challenging to figure out how to eat healthy at a conference. Here are some tips to help you navigate your options:

Research: Travelers with food sensitivities will need to do a little more research before attending a conference. If you’re sensitive to gluten, ensure the menus have gluten-free food well before your conference date.

Pack food: If you can’t find any information on the food menus at the conference you’re going to, it’s time to start packing your own food. Doing so will make you 100% sure that you won’t deal with uncomfortable symptoms as a result of ingesting something you’re intolerant to. 

Talk to staff: Don’t hesitate to ask the catering service any questions about the food being served. It’s far better to be safe than sorry.

Request modifications: A reputable catering service will be able to make dietary modifications to food. For example, if hamburgers are being served and you have celiac disease, then request the hamburger without the bun.

Final Thoughts
Staying healthy while at a trade show or conference can be challenging, but it is crucial for enjoying the experience and increasing your productivity levels. By keeping all of these tips in mind, you can stay on top of your game and have a more fulfilling event!