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Domestic and International Shipping for Exhibitors

Choosing a carrier to ship your materials to and from a trade show is one of the most important items an exhibitor needs to decide when planning.

You'll want a trustworthy company to pick-up and deliver on-time, damage-free. Also, decide if you want to utilize Advance Shipment to the GES Warehouse. The GES Warehouse is an offsite storage facility available 30 days prior to the show. This is recommended for all exhibitors to ensure delivery upon move-in. 

You may also want to ship items directly to show, so shipments arrive prior to the start of Exhibitor Move-In. Remember to remove all previous shipping labels and booth numbers on all crates and cases. 

Don't forget to schedule outbound shipping according to move-out dates and times specified in the show manual. Be sure to fill out the Order Form for Material Handling/Bill of Lading and
don't forget to turn it into exhibitor services once the booth is packed and ready to ship.
This is CRUCIAL!

Pro Tip: Take a picture on your phone of your completed forms, in case any issues arise. 

Need help shipping to or from a tradeshow? GES offers expert, hassle-free shipping to and from all trade shows and events. Call our National Servicenter® at 800-475-2098 to get a quote.