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Easy Online Ordering for Exhibitors


Order online for your next GES show!
Exhibitors can visit Find Your Show to search for events, order products and services, locate important links and show information, fill out forms for contactless services, submit show-site contacts, view online ordering history and invoices, and chat with award-winning customer service representatives.


Order Online with our Refund Guarantee. By utilizing online ordering, exhibitors may cancel standard orders for products and services up to seven days before move-in, for a full refund. Partial or full charges may apply for services rendered before cancellation such as custom-cut carpet, special furniture, material handling, rigging, labor, or electrical services. To learn more read our 100% Exhibitor Refund Guarantee article. 

How do I Login? You may log into the site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Simply select the “Log In” feature in the top left corner of the site. You will then be prompted for your username and password. If you do not have an account, you may create one, or if you have forgotten any information, you can click on the “Forgot username or password?” option. Once you have logged in, you may search for your event and start ordering. Simply type the name of the event into the search bar located on the “Find Your Show” tab and select your show.

Helpful Tip: Username is NOT your email address. Passwords must contain 12 or more characters. The special character cannot be last, a number or letter must be the last character in your password. 



Assigning a Booth Number to Your Account. Associating a booth for ordering is easy. In the right corner of the site is the option to add a New Booth/Responsible Party. Here you may add a booth that you would like to place orders for, or you can assign a representative (Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC) or 3rd Party Company) to place orders on your behalf.

There are multiple ways to locate your booth if your booth number is not listed. You can add it to the show by selecting the “Create One Here” option. To create a booth, simply provide exhibitor name, booth number, dimensions, and billing information. If you do not know your booth number, click “I Don’t Know.”

Navigating Online Ordering. Once you have logged in and associated your booth number, you can start searching for information or place orders. You can click on any of the boxes in the top navigation or use the “Search” tool to locate specific items. The side navigation provides detailed options for each topic by hovering over the main topic and choosing from the dropdown list of subtopics. Show Information provides detailed information about dates, deadlines, forms, and detailed exhibitor resources articles related to exhibiting at the show. Additional services include ordering furnishings, services, and labor, scheduling shipping, assigning an EAC, and billing information.

Providing a Show-Site Contact. In addition to associating a booth number, it is highly recommended to add the Show-Site Contact information so your company’s designated contact can receive important updates related to move-in and move-out and take advantage of show site contactless exhibitor service offerings. To add a show contact, click on "Show Information" and "Show Site Contact Form."

Ordering Products and Services for Your Booth. By selecting “Order for My Booth,” all available furnishings and labor ordering options for your show will appear. If you have previously ordered, you can easily order those same items again, if they are available, by selecting “Previously Ordered Items.” Shipping and material handling have their own section. By selecting “Ship Exhibit Freight,” shipping options will become available, including printing your own shipping labels. 

Once you select a section, you may choose the item you want to order. By clicking on the picture of the item, you will be taken to the ordering page that may have additional selections. Make your selections and add the item(s) to your cart by clicking “Add to Booth.” You will then see your item(s) in your cart with a running total in the top right corner.

Checkout Process. You have several options for checkout. You can select the “View Cart” button after ordering an item or by clicking “Your Cart” in the top right. You may also choose the “Checkout Now” option from any page. To complete check out, you must have the following information available: Company Address, Company Contact, At Show Contact, Notice to Hire EAC (optional), and a Credit Card expiring after the end of the show for payment.

Updating Payment Information. Under "Show Information," Exhibitors that don't plan on ordering products can submit a credit card to have on file for material handling services. Material handling will not be billed until the end of the show, but a credit card must be on file before an order form for material handling can be accepted at the close of the show. If you have already placed an order and have a credit card on file, your fees for material handling will be charged to that card. For North American Exhibitors, if you have not placed an order, click on "Show Information" and “Submit Credit Card” to utilize the digital Order Form for Material Handling and expedite the move-out process.

Review Order History. After checking out, you will be able to locate your order history by selecting “My Shows” in the main site navigation header. “My Shows” will list all of the shows you have added a booth for ordering under this username. Order History will list invoices for orders ONLY placed online. Orders placed by any other method (phone, fax, or mail) will not be listed, but will be emailed to the company contact.

Ordering online is the most efficient way to order products and services. If you have any questions or need help logging into your account, our customer service representatives are available to help by phone or chat.