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Exhibit Insurance and EAC's Explained

Please refer to your show's ordering website for specific insurance requirements and deadline dates. 

It's important to have an insurance policy covering the booth space and exhibit display you will be working in for the entire length of the tradeshow you will be attending. This policy will protect your company, employees, and volunteers should a claim arise against your company for something that occurred at your booth. As a standard requirement for exhibitors, it is necessary for exhibitors to carry general liability coverage from an insurance company in good standing.

Most show organizers require exhibitors to provide a valid Certificate of Insurance (COI) at least 30 days prior to move-in which should be prepared by an insurance agent. Please review your agreement with the show organizer and visit your show’s exhibitor ordering website or the exhibitor section of your show's website, for policy requirements and details related to show dates, certificate holders, descriptions, and limits.

EAC - Exhibitor Appointed Contractor

An Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC) is any third party or company that is not an employee of your company and is hired to install/dismantle/provide service to your booth (i.e.; installation/dismantling contractors, booth designers/builders, non-official florists, furniture suppliers, laborers, etc.).

For exhibitors wishing to use an EAC at trade shows where GES is the official services provider, authorized representatives need to complete a Notice of Intent to Hire an EAC Form, the Agreement and Rules and Regulations between GES and EAC Form, and a valid Certificate of Insurance (COI). Completed forms must be submitted and received by GES' designee, Vertikal/Certfocus, 30 days prior to move-in. Review your agreement with the show organizer to determine if additional forms are required. 

If Show Organizers are collecting and managing COI compliance, different processes may apply. 

Exhibitor Responsibilities:

  • Complete and submit the Notice of Intent to Hire an EAC on the show’s ordering website under “Exhibitor Appointed Contractor and Third Parties” a minimum of 30 days before show move-in. 

EAC Responsibilities:

  • Complete and submit the Agreement and Rules and Regulations between GES and an EAC on the show’s ordering website a minimum of 30 days before show move-in.
  • Secure and maintain a valid copy of the Certificate of insurance (COI) during move-in, show days, and move-out periods. EACs may submit one COI for multiple booths if all booths are properly listed on the COI. 
  • Register on the Vertikal/CertFocus website/portal.
  • Upload the COI to Vertikal/CertFocus for approval a minimum of 30 days before show move-in. NOTE: There is a $21.00 service fee payable to Vertikal/CertFocus per upload, this fee also applies if this form is mailed.

    Need help? Visit your show's ordering website or contact GES by chat or phone for more information.