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Hedy Watters

Favorite part of working at GES?

Meeting new clients or team members and building relationships.

Where can you find me when I'm not working?
Spending time with my family, in the gym, at the beach or lake, with friends at happy hour, traveling, and going to sports games.

What brings me to my happy place? 

  • Family time
  • Kickboxing & Body Pump
  • Traveling to new destinations
  • Happy Hour
  • Any water activities

What would be my superpower?
Being able to read minds.

If I was not working in the Exhibitions and Events Industry, what would I be doing?  
Work in the Fashion Industry.

What was my first job? 
When I was 15 I was a Carousel Operator at the mall.

Recently, I have enjoyed watching... 
Ozark, Working Moms, and Bridgerton.