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Julie Smith

Favorite part of working at GES?

In 33+ years, I have never been bored! The job is ever-evolving, clients are varied, and opportunities are endless.

Where can you find me when I'm not working?
At the barn with my horse, in my yard, by the pool or hanging out with friends, family, or my cat.

What brings me to my happy place? 

  • Animals of all kinds and riding my horse 
  • My garden & flowers
  • A good book
  • Leisure travel
  • Spending time with friends & family 

What would be my superpower?
To have a photographic memory. 

If I was not working in the Exhibitions and Events Industry, what would I be doing?  
Writing, working with animals, or working for a philanthropic organization.

What was my first job? 
Lifeguarding and nurses' aide in a nursing home.

Recently, I have enjoyed watching... 
Ted Lasso, Mrs. Maizel, The Crown, Bridgerton, Dopesick, Yellowstone, The Morning Show, The Good Fight, and Emily in Paris.