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Steve Mannarino

Favorite part of working at GES?
The great people of course but also the emerging technology. When I started in 1985 the fax machine was the hot new industry tech. It is staggering to think of how far things have evolved and how quickly it continues to change.

Where can you find me when I'm not working?

  • Enjoying time with family
  • Mountain biking
  • Listening to music - specifically classic rock
  • Golfing
  • Drawing

What brings me to my happy place? 

  • Time with my family
  • Any activity outdoors
  • A good wine - consumed outdoors
  • Listening to my favorite music

What would be my superpower?
Time travel – I’d go back and invest all my paper route money from when I was 12 years old in Apple.

If I was not working in the Exhibitions and Events Industry, what would I be doing?  
Something in the sports entertainment field.

What was my first job? 
I had a paper route for the old Cleveland Press.

Recently, I have enjoyed watching... 
The Chosen and lots of golf.