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Tim Myers

Favorite part of working at GES?

I love that GES allows me to be creative and innovative in offering services and problem-solving. 

Where can you find me when I'm not working?
Sailing with my family, mountain biking, or kite surfing. The best day ever is doing all three!

What brings me to my happy place? 

  • My wife and two daughters
  • Watching my kids play sports
  • Surfing with my oldest daughter. 
  • Golfing with my youngest daughter. 
  • Sailing with my family on Lake Tahoe

What would be my superpower?
I'd like to be able to read my wife's mind. 

If I was not working in the Exhibitions and Events Industry, what would I be doing?  
A volunteer crosswalk guard at our local elementary school. I love kids! 

What was my first job? 
At 10 I worked collecting baseballs and filling pitching machines for a batting range and making $.75 an hour. 

Recently, I have enjoyed watching... 
USWNT/NWSL Soccer and Warrior Basketball.