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Tony Petrucci


Favorite part of working at GES?
While it might sound cliché, what truly stands out to me and remains my favorite aspect of working at GES is the remarkable people. They are exceptionally intelligent, extremely experienced, focused on improving innovation and creativity, and, above all, are just an absolute delight to collaborate with.

Where can you find me when I'm not working?
When I'm not creating or teaching creative I am focused on my auto enthusiast hobby. Whether it's in the garage, at a car show, in a rally, or on the race track, I have a passion for racing, especially at Road America during open track days. While I may not be a professional, I'm certainly an extreme enthusiast. When I'm not creating or tinkering with my cars, you'll find me out on the golf course, focused on improving my drive and trying not to slice my drive.

What brings me to my happy place? 

  • Exploring new restaurants with my family and friends (especially sushi joints)
  • Hitting the golf course and collecting sports memorabilia (huge sports fan)
  • The racetrack, car show, rally, or creating my next build
  • Watching movies with my wife and son (at home or in theaters)
  • Reading, learning, and listening to podcasts

What would be my superpower?
If I were given a superpower, I'd choose the ability to exist simultaneously in multiple locations while maintaining complete presence and focus in each of them. Perhaps by mastering the art of manipulating time, I could travel backward, propel forward, and even speed up its passage to improve any situation, regardless of my direct involvement.

If I was not working in the Exhibitions and Events Industry, what would I be doing?  
Beyond the realms of Marketing, Advertising, Experiential, and Exhibitions, my alternate career choices would either involve becoming a professor, sharing my wealth of experience to foster others' growth, or stepping into the world of hospitality as a restaurateur. The Italian in me yearns to bring joy to people through the culinary delights I serve.

What was my first job? 
I juggled two jobs simultaneously for what could be considered my "first" job. I worked as a caddy at a private golf club and also lent a hand at my dad's friend's custom auto shop. 

Recently, I have enjoyed watching... 
Reading: The Art of Creative Rebellion: by John S Couch, Listening to: Daily Creative Podcast with Todd Henry, The Story Podcast: Weekly Inspiration and Creative Tips for Artists, Makers, and Storytellers, Ted Radio Hour