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GES’s Show Ready Exhibition Stands Continue to See Success in 2023

GES’s Show Ready Exhibition Stands are enjoying increased success, according to the Global Experience Specialists. The format of the stands, offering highly creative, but simplified exhibition designs, have led to more interest as more business, in more geographies, look to enter the exhibition industry in a cost-effective and sustainable way. In fact, on average, users of the system have benefitted from an 85% YoY increase in Show Ready sales from 2022 to 2023. 

The innovation behind Show Ready Exhibition Stands was built around the desire to stimulate more businesses to invest in exhibiting and exhibitions. The suite of products offers a series of highly flexible, sustainable, and striking designs, that are ready to use for exhibitors, stripping out expensive design and bespoke build costs, and making a standardised offering possible, spanning the UK, Europe, and the Middle East. 

The brand has already met with huge acclaim and last year received the UK Graphics Award for Innovation of the Year. The designs themselves, which are varied and were drawn from years of experience and data from the GES design team, continue to develop, so that exhibitors can continue to create a unique build, adapted with their own branding, without comprising on aesthetics. 

The success behind Show Ready Exhibition Stands is also attributed to its ability to help exhibitors move to a space-only package, allowing them to arrive at exhibitions as new brands, or with new products, looking outstanding, whilst leaping over historically ‘entry-level’ designs. The package nature of the stands also presents event organisers with the opportunity to sell space only stands for themselves, in addition to shell scheme, providing a new source of potential revenue generation while improving the overall aesthetic appeal of their events to visitors.  

With 13 sustainable packages on offer, Show Ready Exhibition Stands has already proved popular with exhibitors looking to make the most of their marketing budget at a time when face-to-face marketing is on the up*. “We wanted to create a solution that takes the risk, and also the stress, out of exhibiting. These products support brands’ creativity but are mindful of their budget and time constraints. We’re delighted that it has already been received with such enthusiasm and is helping to change the face of events,” said Dannielle Martin, Business Development Manager, GES. 

As with all GES products, exhibitors continue to take advantage of skilled teams and project management, regardless of if they are first time or seasoned exhibitors. 
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* AP Bellwether Report Q4 2022