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Engage Attendees Through Brand Activation

When PerkinElmer returned to PittCon, we partnered with them to develop a strategy to maximize their presence and drive prospects into their booth. Our designers created an exquisite 30x40 exhibit that featured multiple points of engagement, while our account management team seamlessly handled install, dismantle and logistics. PerkinElmer’s brand stood out and left a favorable impression on attendees.

The double deck exhibit was outfitted with custom tension fabric wrap graphics, 14 monitors, a touchscreen and a custom designed kiosk which monitored air quality samples from locations around the world. Attendees were able to interact with PerkinElmer’s brand in various ways, allowing the sales force to create meaningful and engaging conversations. 


  • Logistics 
  • I&D 
  • Design 
  • Exhibit Design

PerkinElmer at PittCon