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Visit Predicts New Era of Innovation for Event Marketers

Visit, one of Europe’s foremost event technology providers, is predicting a golden age of innovation within the event technology industry. The prediction comes off the back of an influx of R&D activity, and grass root developments, that will support an increasingly robust events industry. 

Speaking on the prediction, Gerard Conway, Global Enterprise Director, Visit, said: “It’s no secret that over the pandemic, one of the main areas of stagnation was innovation and investment in new products. As a brand, we were big enough to have the resources to continue this investment, however we are now seeing more and more new companies, and new ideas, entering the marketplace.”

Visit identify AI integration, accessibility, and sustainability as key areas that will see innovation, from new products and services to patented inventions that boost the market place. Visit itself is also investing in measurement and data innovations that support organisers and event marketers, including contactless matchmaking, providing support for ‘new-style’ event attendees who learn, network and attend events in a more nuanced way. 

The prediction from Visit also come off the back of an increasingly buoyant events industry, with more and more businesses reverting to face-to-face communication. Gerard adds: “We’re seeing a new wave of event professional, but also a new wave of event marketer, even more data driven, more interrogating around experience, immersion, and engagement. It’s something Visit has pioneered for some time, and even our own products are trying to catch up with the increase in demand from data-hungry event marketers.” 

Visit itself continues to innovate. Distinctive for its strong foundational features - registration and event management, the platform simplifies networking and engagement whilst having also introduced unique and innovative lead capture technologies such as Touchpoints, small NFC devices are programmed with company and product details.

Meanwhile, the brand’s dedicated exhibitor app - Visit Connect - enhances lead quality by enabling the use of custom questions, voice notes, and pictures. The brand has also invested in AI Matchmaking which recommends potential meetings, products, or contacts to attendees, and is aimed at enriching the event experience.

“Innovation should be one of the biggest buzzwords of 2024. It’s something the industry is crying out for,” concludes Gerard. “We’re playing our own role in this, but also seeing some excellent new products out there. It’s incumbent on us all to keep businesses seeing the benefits of face-to-face business, and the more data we can give them, the stronger we’ll all be in the future.”