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Exhibitor Lists

Providing us with an exhibitor list is key to ensuring your floorplans and Exhibitor Email Campaigns run smoothly. Providing the list before your Online Exhibitor Store page goes live means your exhibitors can easily place orders online.

Why do we ask for it?

Quite simply, your exhibitor list enables us to provide a great pre-event experience for your exhibitors. Not only do we use this information to communicate with exhibitors before an event, but it also helps us build your online store and facilitate a smooth online ordering process.

Ideally, we need your exhibitor list 16 weeks from the start of your show.

The most effective campaigns tend to be those that start no later than 12 weeks prior to opening date. While we suggest sending over your exhibitor data between 16 – 12 weeks out, we can adapt our campaign to ensure your exhibitors still enjoy an effective pre-event experience.

If your exhibitor list is not complete at this stage, get in touch with your dedicated account manager.

How to supply your exhibitor list

Once you’ve downloaded the template, fill in your exhibitor’s information on all the required fields and simply send it over to your Account Manager. We’ll handle the rest.

We strongly recommend securely sending data with a pre-disclosed password to protect your exhibitor’s information.

Alongside each contact's name and other information, you'll also have to provide us with their Booth Type. This indicates what type of package they have and will determine what exhibitor emails they receive.  Exhibitor Booth Types are a case sensitive field and will usually need to follow our usual booth references (for example, 'SP' for Shell Scheme, 'SR' for 'Show Ready). Your designated Account Manager should be able to provide you with more information on this and help make sure you get it right.

Missing information or disordered data will cause delays in building out your pre-show exhibitor communications so it’s best to nail this step first-time, providing our team with everything we need to deliver the best show possible.

 It’s extremely important that your data follows the provided format – which you can view below on our Exhibitor List Crib Sheet.

We have streamlined our exhibitor communications to provide the highest level of service to exhibitors and to support GDPR. You can find out more about our commitment to GDPR guidelines here.