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Floor Planning

To get started with determining the preliminary layout of your event, we need to find out if you want to use your maximum projected floorplan or a floorplan from a previous edition. The choice is entirely yours.

Together, we’ll review and update your initial floorplan before we go on to look at creating experience-enhancing layouts for registration, meeting spaces and feature areas.

To ensure we build your event safely and quickly, any final changes should be made 48 hours before the markout date. This way we can ensure that everything goes smoothly. 

Any final changes should be made 48 hours before your show's markout date.

Once we have drawn up your floorplan, it’s then up to you (the show organiser) to submit the final plan for the venue to approve. Depending on how your plan changes throughout the pre-show process, we may recommend that the plan is re-submitted, so the venue can verify that they are happy with any changes. We would not make any additional changes once the show has opened.


If your chosen venue is not carpeted, we can help you create a carpet plan that's especially designed for your show site. This includes aisle, wall-to-wall, and show management areas.

Confirming your order details for carpeting no later than 15 weeks before your event means we can deliver on all your flooring needs.