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Frequently Asked Questions & Resources


Our expert team are always on-hand to discuss your next show. Your designated Account Manager will be happy to guide you through the pre-show process and answer any questions. You can also call, contact us online or use our on-site friendly chat feature on our website. 

Did you know we also have a guide specifically designed to help exhibitors? Whether they're event veterans or first-time exhibitors our Exhibitor's Toolbox features everything they need to know in the run-up to an event and beyond. These resources can be shared amongst your team and exhibitors.



  1. Do I send out the Expresso link to my exhibitors or does GES take care of sending it out?   We’re happy to send out the link on your behalf. We create a series of emails to educate exhibitors, especially first-timers, on important dates and deadlines and provide detailed resources to assist them in their exhibit planning process. 
  2.  Are you able to embed a logo on to my floor plan PDF? Not a problem. Just share the logo and location with us and we’d be happy to have it added. 
  3. How do I send you my exhibitor list? Do you have a template I should use?  Your Account Manager will be able to advise you on how to send your list and how to protect your data. 
  4. What is vector format and how do I create this type of file? Vector format is a high-resolution file that is the best quality to create your graphics. These are classified as an ‘AI’ file or an ‘EPS’ file. If you need further assistance on this, you can reach out to your GES contact.
  5. Are my exhibitors able to order electrical through your online ordering site (Expresso) if GES is not the in-house electrical provider? Yes, our online ordering site can include another company’s electrical ordering form to create a one-stop shop for your exhibitors. 
  6. Can I add my own forms, links, documents and welcome letter into the Exhibitor Ordering Site (Expresso)? Yes! Please share any items you would like included with your GES contact so they can include them.
  7. Can we make changes to the Online Ordering Site (Expresso) after it’s live?  Yes. The Exhibitor Ordering Site (Expresso) can be updated as needed, even after it has been sent out to exhibitors.