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6 Tips for Building a Remarkable Trade Show Exhibit

6 Tips for Building a Remarkable Trade Show Exhibit

Trade shows have evolved from the past: there’s no longer the congested rows of tables with draped white cloth and dull backdrops. In today’s trade show world, only the most creative and unique ideas catch the attention of the modern consumer. Simply put, if you’re not interesting, people won’t get interested in your brand.

If you’re willing to spend the time and energy on creating an unforgettable booth, you’ll be able to add an extra spark to your next event. Here are six ideas to build an remarkable trade show exhibit:


1) Build Buzz around Your Brand with Product Launches & Demos

Build Buzz around Your Brand with Product Launches & Demos

With the audience that’s built into a trade show, it makes it the perfect environment to launch a product. Create buzz by announcing the product launch early; the more interest you can generate, the simpler it will be to get attendees curious about your brand. If you have an upcoming product, plan the launch date around the largest trade show in your industry and do some heavy advertising prior to the event. You should see a large audience at your booth, ready to see the unveiling and get their hands on the product.


2) Offer Compelling Giveaways

Offer Compelling Giveaways

Giveaways are an easy and fun way to get your brand name out there, beyond the borders of the trade show facility. Get creative with your giveaways in an effort to stand out from the other booths. Remember, everybody will have something they’re giving away — that’s why your item needs to be as compelling as possible. A branded pen, while it may accompany the consumer back to the office or home, will more likely be left in the hotel room. A reusable water bottle, phone case or even concert tickets however, will make a bigger impact.

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3) Get Active on Social Media

Add a way to make your exhibit shareable by leveraging social media.

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While trade shows offer a great opportunity to connect with people in real life on a high level, following up with them on social media allows you to actually build a relationship with those people. Actively participating on social media throughout the show will help you connect with attendees and expose them to your brand’s offerings. Develop a hashtag around the trade show, or use event-related hashtags so visitors can easily discover your posts. Capture everything that is going on at the show and encourage people to post about your brand.


4) Show-off Some of Your Qualifiers

Show-Off Some of Your Qualifiers

You can insert credentials into your overall trade show exhibit design to show visitors that you’re a trusted leader within your industry. Broadcasting certain qualifiers can set you apart from your competition, who may not have achieved such accolades. For instance, if you’ve recently received an award or certification, place the trophy out on your table for people to see. If you’ve been in business for over a century, served an eye-catching amount of clients or have impressive testimonials, work it into the banners, backdrop and other graphics in your booth.


5) Make use of technology

Technology can be employed in a number of interesting ways to attract an audience to your booth. Have a digital sign made, which will stand out better than a handmade one. Employ a screen so you can provide demonstrations of your product, stream a webinar or display testimonials.

Make Use of Tachnology

A recent development in trade show technology has been the rise of proximity marketing. With this form of technology, you can send out offers and promotional messages to the smartphones of people within the vicinity of your booth. This has the potential to deliver useful, real-time information directly to the people who are nearest. Try Google Nearby to get started with proximity technology.


6) Educate your Representatives on Exhibition Goals and Pre-Event Plans

Educate Your Representatives on Exhibition Goals and Pre-Event Plans

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Fully brief the representatives that will be managing and participating in the exhibition. Draw up a list of goals and a sales points to ensure your entire team is on the same page. Create lists of key questions that are likely to be asked by visitors to prepare your salespeople for every possible scenario. Give them all of the marketing materials they need to pass out to interested consumers, whether it’s brochures, leaflets or prizes. Additionally, connect with important contacts prior to the event to spread the word about your booth and let them know where you’re located. Create social media events and get people talking about your brand.


Make Your Next Trade Show Exhibit Remarkable!

The days of the same-old, cookie-cutter displays are long gone. Today’s brands are trying to reach  distracted consumers in incredible ways. The ones that are winning them over are offering up remarkable trade show exhibits. If you have the time and resources, you need to design a booth that attendees will just have to stop at. What will make you stand out from your competition?