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8 Design Tips for Event Booths, Exhibits and Displays

8 Design Tips for Event Booths, Exhibits & Displays

The most creatively-designed trade show booths are normally the ones that are the most popular at the event. They see tons of visitors, get one lead after another and have the biggest impact on social media.

With rising competition and more complex booths than ever, you need to find an edge that will draw a crowd.

Ready to stand out and make a splash in the crammed sea of exhibitors? Follow these 8 tips when designing your next trade show booth, exhibit or display and you’ll make a bigger impact.

1) Make it Interactive

Using passive activities to draw people in, such as watching a video screen, won’t be as effective as using interactive elements to attract visitors. Attendees love to participate in trade show games, with the likely chance of winning a prize. Getting people to spend longer amounts of time at your booth means your representatives have more time to interact with potential customers. Incorporate touch screen technology, host giveaways or feature product demos that people can participate in to get them interacting with your content.

Make it interactive

2) Keep Key Messaging Large, Brief and Higher than Waist-height

Ensure that all of your key messages are easily viewable by placing them higher than 3 to 4 feet. Post your company logo in various areas of the booth to reinforce your brand. Keep your message simple and pared down to a select few impactful headlines printed in large, readable font so that it’s easily viewable at a distance.

3) Don’t Forego Empty and Negative Space

While you don’t want your booth to be sparse, realize the benefits of leaving some empty space in your booth. Don’t pack it with clunky furniture and bulky inventory, keep it clean and inviting. When you have this extra bit of space, you can ensure that the customer will remain comfortable when speaking with your representatives.

Likewise, negative space should be present within your graphics. The overall rule of thumb for booth graphics is that they should contain 40 percent empty space. This helps ensure that they aren’t overpowering your message or burying your brand in too many visuals. Remember, you only get one shot at a first impression. Don’t over-clutter your booth with extraneous information.

4) Ensure Proper Formatting and Resolution for Images

Although the current iPhone model does take decent pictures and a vignette filter on Instagram gives your cell phone photos that extra “pop,” your trade show displays require high-resolution images and properly formatted graphics. Otherwise, you risk having pixelated, blurry or stretched items on your printed materials. Hire a professional designer to create your materials in accordance to the spec sheet from your supplier before you go to print.

5) Keep Your Brand On-point from Top to Bottom

Design your booth with consistent branding throughout the entire area. From banners and images to freebies and more, your brand’s theme needs to be consistent across all of your design materials. If you need help with branding or graphics click here!

Make your brand the point like StateFarm did with their 3D Cam display.

image source

6) Try the Element of Surprise

If you really want to grab people’s attention, put something that doesn’t belong in the center of your exhibit space. Whatever you try, aim to inspire wonder, amusement or — best of all — a must-know response within the consumer that encourages them to come inside and engage with your brand.

7) Understand Graphical “Real Estate”

There are certain areas in your booth that are visually more important than others. For example, the back wall is the focal point for most small to mid-sized booths. You should put your most important design element, message and logo there. Larger booths usually contain multiple focal points and may even feature two back walls. This area will always be central to your booth’s graphical real estate, and it needs to contain the most crucial pieces of information about your brand.

Understand Graphical Real Estate

8) Use the Right Colors

Color psychology is complex. People are drawn to different colors for different reasons. The colors and tones you choose for your display can help you stand out and promote your message. Cooler colors like blue, green and white appear professional, yet aren’t big attention-grabbers. Warmer colors like red, orange and yellow are more engaging, yet need to be used wisely because they can be overbearing if used in excess.

Use Creative Visuals

With so many design options, there’s much to consider when designing your trade show booth. To make a lasting impression on your visitors, try some of these tips at your next event.

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