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Eco-Trends that Apply to Events


As event professionals, we have a responsibility. We should be doing more to make sure the events we run are kinder to the environment, and constantly strive to find new ways to make improvements. One way you can do this is by not just looking at how the events industry is considering the environment, but by taking note of eco-trends that are making waves. Here’s some popular eco-friendly concepts and eco-trends that can and should be applied to the events industry.



Offices and businesses are slowly trying to reduce the amount of paper they use. The ultimate aim for many businesses is to eventually go paperless. Why can’t this be a possibility for events too? It may seem impossible right now to go completely paper free, but where possible, try and use technology, the internet and alternative eco-friendly materials instead.


Sustainably and responsibly sourced food

When thinking about menus for your events, try and be mindful of where your food is sourced from. Only buy sustainably and responsibly sourced fish and meats, and you will be doing your part to help protect the environment and our resources. In time, guests may start to ask more about where the food and drink at events has come from. 


Buy local

‘Buy local’ is a big trend at the moment, you will find most eco-friendly sites will touch on the benefits of buying locally. So, when planning your event, don’t get a company from the other end of the country to deliver supplies, try and keep everything local. This means vehicles have to travel less miles and use less fuel to get your event supplies to you. This applies not just to food and drink, but marketing materials, furniture and products.


Zero waste

Unfortunately, many events result in a huge amount of waste being generated. If waste from events isn’t processed properly, it means a huge amount of potentially reusable and recyclable stuff gets thrown away. Zero waste is an ideal for the future, that currently seems out of reach. However, you can still do your part now by at least trying to manage the waste that you do produce.


Eco-friendly cities

More cities are being recognised for their green schemes and eco-friendly infrastructure.  In time, where you choose to host your event will be influenced by destinations that are more eco-friendly. Hosting your event in a forward thinking, green city will have a positive impact on your reputation, how well your event goes and the type of people who show up. Some of the greenest cities in the world such as Portland, Vancouver, Copenhagen, San Francisco, and Bristol (the UK’s greenest city) are great places to put on events.


Official certifications

Just as consumers are becoming more savvy and looking for food that has quality certifications, events attendees will be doing the same when choosing which events to go to. ISO 20121 offers guidance and best practice to help you manage your event and control its social, economic and environmental impact.


In conclusion

These eco-friendly methods just might transform your event, help you to stand out from the competition and do your bit for the environment.