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Exhibitions Go From Wasteful to Sustainable

How sustainable is sustainability? Well in the past, it would appear to be not very. 

Sustainable Events and Tradeshows

A new, environmentally aware era has come knocking on exhibitors (recyclable) doors. Whilst organisers, service providers, and exhibitors haven’t traditionally been concerned about sustainability, there is now a clear objective within organisations to present their products and services in the best way possible, focusing on creative design, the best technology, quality of finish and competitive diversity.   

We’re still seeing a reliance on printed promotional materials, and other non-reusable materials and whilst it’s a great sign  that many organisers collect badges for reuse and recycling, there is a whole world of sustainability to uncover, with many more ways in which to help the environment, putting an end to unnecessary waste. 

GES can show you the ecological way, by easily incorporating sustainability into exhibition stands without sacrificing quality, and the best news is it has a positive impact on cost. Here are some simple, yet innovative ways to go forth and get your green on.    

Use sustainable materials 

Sustainable materials have become much more economical and widely available, allowing for a broad range of selection and quality without putting an environmental foot wrong.   

Innovative design is one such way to help reduce, and even eliminate, non-reusable materials and there are various ways in which this can be seen. Constructing space only stands using reusable poles and recyclable fabric with specialised designs is a fantastic way to avoid exhibition wastage.  These stands also possess other benefits, such as transportable ease, and quick installation.   

For exhibitors, this is music to their increasingly green ears, as this approach also reinforces brand consistency across venues; promoting sustainability as a brand value. Hello positive brand perception! And creativity need not be stifled, as eco-friendly materials are now available at the highest quality. Phew.   

Reuse those materials 

Traditionally an exhibitor may have commissioned a new stand for each exhibition, but environmental sacrilege no more! These days there is much more interest in reusability. Increasingly, exhibition stands are built to last with many exhibitors reusing custom built stands, as well as any specially designed bespoke elements.  

Consider recyclable materials and request recycle bins 

Before you head over to those waste bins, trailing excess materials as you go, stop for a minute and look to the new age of recyclability, now a popular exhibitor option. When properly managed, and with more companies insisting on the provision of  recycle bins, those leftover supplies can live to see another day.   

And the good news is that they’re not overly selective about who they let in their club. Aluminium modular elements, cardboard panels, and even plastic worktop sheeting are all highly recyclable, and don’t have to compromise the quality of the exhibit’s presentation, so there’s no excuse not to take advantage.   

Additionally, incorporating biodegradable products approved by ecological organisations further reduces waste, not forgetting an exhibition’s environmental impact. A positive promotional point for organisers? Tick.   

GES has fully dipped their fingers and toes in the green pool, using sustainably harvested timber, sustainably increased designs, paints with little to no volatile organic compounds and reclaimable carpeting.   

With years of industry experience, GES can expertly guide exhibitors and organisers on how to reduce waste and focus on the use of smart collateral. By embracing sustainability, GES won’t pull the fully recyclable rug from underneath you; but instead will focus on delivering quality products and services whilst recognising its on-going commitment to environmental responsibility. And what's more - all this is carried out with minimal budget impact.   

If you would like more information on how to go green at your next exhibition, contact Global Experience Specialists (GES).