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International Trade Show Shipping

International Trade Show Shipping

A lot of hard work and preparation goes into exhibiting your business at a trade show. Shipping a trade show booth to your destination should be the least of your worries.

What's more disheartening than learning your trade show equipment isn't delivered on time? Worse, what if it's damaged in the process? Your anxiety rises with international trade show shipping because of the extra distance between you and your freight.

It would be best if you had confidence in your service provider.

The good news is, there is a partner you can trust when shipping to an exhibition in the United States. Read on, and this guide will tell you everything you need to know about how to ship to a foreign trade show.

Guiding You Through Customs 
Learning how to ship to a foreign trade show begins with an understanding of the customs process. Let's start with customs clearance, the term that describes the release of your goods at an international border.

First, you must provide documentation with a clear list of the goods you are sending into the country.  Paying a fee for a customs broker reduces the risk of delays with your shipment.

You have to know if there are any restrictions on the goods you intend to send. Once again, a professional customs broker will guide you through these steps. It will take time to research for US customs brokers that specialize in event freight.

How can you ship to an exhibition if you don't have a US Importer of Record? Someone in the US will have to bear the responsibility on your company's behalf. You'll need to do more research about finding an Importer of Record.

A better solution would be to work with a trusted partner in the United States to move your freight. A customs broker will help you get your shipment across the border, but you will also need a logistics team to ship the freight to and from your event.

Choosing a Destination
If you are shipping a booth, an exhibition stand, or both, you will have to decide where your trade show shipment lands after it clears customs. Shipping directly to your exhibition site presents its own issues.

Charges vary between shipping to a convention hall as opposed to an advance warehouse. You will have to time your shipment to the trade show site. You may be familiar with these practices at home, but regulations may differ when shipping your booth to destinations abroad. 

You will be scheduling arrival times for your trade show shipment in a few different places. Coordinating those times to ensure smooth transitions will take a practiced approach. In addition, delays at customs will affect the timely transport of your booth to its final destination. 

You also have to consider the timing of your trade show shipment to US customs. Late arrival to the US border affects your customs broker's ability to clear your goods.
There is a better solution to international shipping for trade shows in the United States.

Communicate With a Pro
Shipping your trade show booth to the US doesn't need to result in the headache of taking on so much by yourself. An experienced US partner in logistics will ease the burden of international shipping.

Consult with professionals who specialize in trade shows and event planning. They will guide you through the process with a practiced hand. Then, enjoy a one on one conversation that tailors to your needs.

Trade show logistics pros have relationships with customs brokers as well as freight forwarders. They will navigate your customs clearance and manage your shipment with reliability. As a result, you won't be worrying about issues at the border or where your shipment goes after it clears customs. 

Your consultant will also help you decide where the best destination is for your trade show material. Discuss your options for shipping to the convention hall or an advance warehouse based on the event's location.

Your US trade show partner will have much of the material on hand for staging your exhibit. Your budget will enjoy not having to ship bulky and heavy rigging.

What value would you place on a company that has on-site personnel at your event? 
They assist with unexpected delays and make sure your event runs on time and without headaches. Imagine a partner that is at your side every step of the way. That level of customer service ensures you will put your best foot forward where it counts; inside the trade show.
When the trade show ends, the shipping process begins all over again in reverse. You will need to learn US rules for exporting your trade show shipment back home. Duties and taxes may apply to return shipments as well.

Budget your time preparing for your trade show experience without other distractions. Reduce the stress of trade show preparation and choose the right logistics partner.

Painless International Trade Show Shipping 
Considering all these factors, working with a shipping expert to the United States will reap more benefits than peace of mind. An experienced partner will show you how to reduce costs for shipping an exhibit. 

A partner like GES is a company focused on providing one-stop solutions for trade shows. Shipping your booth to us is a decision that will save time, money, and aggravation. We have established relationships with customs brokers and reliable transportation professionals.

Be at your best on the trade show floor and take the worry away from getting there.

Take the guesswork out of international trade show shipping. Instead, click here to get a quote that fits your needs.