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Save Money and Make an Impact with Floor Coverings

Save Money and Make an Impact with Floor Covering

Whenever we’re out and about showing exhibitors how to make the most out of their stands, there’s one question we get asked all the time: “What’s the cheapest way I can make an impact?” 

With exhibition stands, you’re building a structure entirely from scratch. Which means the combinations of layouts, fixtures and design are almost unlimited – and naturally some are more expensive than others. So, with all these variables, what constants are there?  

Shell schemes, for example, are the most abundant stand types exhibitions in the UK whereas turnkey exhibit packages are the most cost effective for US showsOff the shelf, you’d expect to see aluminum posts, white walls and perhaps a grey or blue carpet. Adding graphics to the walls, or getting a custom cladding made for the exterior, are the best ways to ensure maximum impact. But, if we’re talking about the tightest of tight budgets, the best place to get some bang for your buck is the floor.  

Most exhibitors completely forget about their carpet and leave it as the standard. Successive stands in a line of booths on the show floor all start blending into one. The cheapest per square metre price of any addition to your stand is the floor, and the options are huge – hard floors, bright carpets, wood effect vinyl or even custom printed carpets are all easily accessible, minimal fuss and attention grabbing.  

Walkway with brick print carpet and stand with hard/wood effect floors

 Printed brick pattern floor installed on walkway while the wood effect vinyl carpet used in the stand

Custom cut carpet comes in three grades and has a vast array of colors to choose from. Custom dyed carpet and custom logoed carpet can be ordered with 30-day lead time and minimum size requirements. Contact your local Exhibitor Services team with your inquiry, we are more than happy to provide a quote. 


Here are some more things you probably didn’t know you could do with the floor of your stand: 

Add a raised platform 

Add a raised platform

A raised platform might be an option if you’re looking for a slightly higher-end finish to your stand. Raised platforms make a noticeable change between your stand and the show floor, creating a more exclusive feel to your stand area. 

A touch of under-foot comfort 

Standing in your stand all day for several days can really do a number on your feet. Add some padding or underlay beneath your carpet to make it more comfortable, not just for you but for your visitors too. Adding some soft cushioning to your floor will give clients a break – making them stay longer while adding a sense of quality to your stand. Consider ordering double padding or underlay for the ultimate in comfort! 

Keep it clean 

Keep your Custom Carpet Clean

Sometimes, whilst stands are being set up and when people are milling around before an event, floorings can get a little dirty. To avoid any scuffs or dirt, it’s wise to put a protective poly down which you can take off just before your event starts, and voila - sparkly new and clean flooring. In the US as part of the carpet package offering, visqueen or protective plastic covering is part of the package price to ensure your custom cut carpet stays looking brand new. 

Re-use, repeat, and recycle 

In the UK, once you’ve ordered flooring from a roll, it’s cut to fit your individual space – so you own it. You’ll need to arrange the removal yourself and let us know you plan on keeping the carpet (usually, at the end of an event, we take all the carpets up and recycle them), but as soon as you buy the carpet it’s yours to use as you see fit. 

In the US all custom-cut carpets are rentals and are recycled at the end of each show. You are welcome to purchase this carpet, just let your local onsite Exhibitor Services team know before show close to make the arrangements for you.  

Variety is the spice of life 

Variety is the spice of life

As I alluded to earlier, there are plenty of options to choose from to make your flooring more interesting. 


let us know what you need at your next event.

See our range of carpets, vinyls and other flooring options in EMEA brochure for inspiration
For U.S. customers, please visit Find Your Show page and check out carpet and flooring options for each show.