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To Get a Sponsor, Tune In

To Get A Sponsor, Tune In

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One of the best ways to connect with a potential new sponsor is to tune in to their brand. Do you know what’s going on with a potential or current sponsor’s business? How are their target demographics changing? What are their latest products, innovations, even disruptions?


If possible, find out what’s top of mind for prospective sponsors before you start a discussion…then show how you can help. Before having the conversation, check out their website to confirm and clarify your knowledge of what the sponsor does. Look at the latest press releases to see what’s happening. You don’t want to get caught on a call and not be aware they just merged with another company or sold the product line that participated at your event.


Show you have an interest in their company and their success not only at your event, but in their overall business objectives. This little extra effort will set you apart from all of the event salespeople and again gain their respect and confidence in you being their event consultant.

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