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Exhibit Hanging Signs

Adding a Hanging Sign above your booth space is a good way to increase traffic flow to your booth. Since hanging signs are suspended from the ceiling, they help attendees quickly identify your brand and help locate your booth.  Hanging signs can increase brand awareness, make your booth appear larger and assist in making your company’s presence seem bigger. Interested in learning how to incorporate a hanging sign into your booth space? Here are the steps you need to consider.  

First, you will need to review your show’s rules, regulations, and facility limitations to determine if you can incorporate a hanging sign into your booth space. Since some shows change venues annually, you will need to review show regulations each year. Typically, Islands and Peninsula booths that are 20x20 or larger are allowed to have a sign above their booth space.  

Next, you will need to determine if you need to obtain approval to hang a sign from Show Management or the Official Services Provider. 

Once you have confirmed you can incorporate a hanging sign and you know the size limitations, you need to order and design your hanging sign from a vendor of your choice.

Look for lightweight, portable frames that are durable. You will want a sign that is easy to assemble, and dismantle, one that includes high-quality printing fabric and includes a carry bag for easy packing and transportation. You are responsible for shipping your hanging sign and all of the necessary parts to and from each trade show. Keep in mind the weight of the sign for both shipping (transport your shipment to and from the show) and material handling (transport shipment from freight door to your booth) costs. Investing in a sign that can be reused for all future events is a great option. 

Recommended Hanging Signs for Standard Labor Costs 

Hanging Sign Types and Shapes
Hanging signs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you are interested in using your hanging sign in multiple venues and trade shows, it is recommended to select a standard shape and size.

Types of Hanging Signs 

Hanging Sign - A static sign suspended from the ceiling that does not rotate or have lighting. 

Electrical Hanging Sign with Lighting - A sign with arm lights and or lighting that is incorporated into the sign suspended from the ceiling that does not rotate. 
Hanging Sign with Rotating Motor - A sign with a rotating motor 

Standard Shapes are: 
•    Circle, Square, Triangle, Pinwheel
•    Rectangle, Oval
•    L-Shaped, Serpentine, 2-sided.

Sizes can vary depending on the lengths of your booth
•    The widths are typically 8 to 20 feet.
•    Heights are typically 2 to 6 feet. Some shows do have height restrictions.

Once you have determined the type of sign you want to hang, you will need to order the labor to install and dismantle the sign. Review the show’s ordering website to determine the type of labor you will need to order, make sure you have your sign’s weight, size, shape, and electrical needs (if applicable).  Below is a checklist of the process for incorporating a hanging sign into your exhibit. 


1.    Find your show and review rules, regulations, and facility limitations.
2.    Obtain approval from Show Management/Official Services Provider if applicable.
3.    Order your sign or confirm your sign graphics and hardware are in working condition with all the needed parts. 
4.    Visit your show’s exhibitor ordering website and order hanging sign labor. Order before the discount deadline date to secure the discount rate.  Acquire your sign’s size, shape, electrical needs (if applicable) before ordering.  Be sure to read all pages of the how to order the labor for the installation of the sign to notate what is required to secure the discount rates.
5.    Secure payment and retain shipping instructions. 
6.    Provide assembly instructions, floor plan including weight, elevation, pick points, placement, and adjacent booth numbers for orientation with your sign as requested. 
7.    Confirm all the parts are included and pack your hanging sign. Clearly label all pieces and parts with your company name and assembly instructions. 
8.    Ship and confirm receipt of the hanging sign (shipped separately from other trade show materials) to the advance warehouse or facility by the date stipulated in the order confirmation. 

Preparing early, clearly labeling, packing your materials, and storing them correctly will extend the life of your hanging sign and protect your investment. Once your hanging sign is returned, immediately remove it from the packaging and assemble the sign to ensure all the parts were returned, and pack it away securely so it is ready for your next trade show. 

Focused on Exhibitor Success 
Helping exhibitors have a successful show is our top priority.  If you’re looking for a partner to help with exhibit planning details, download the exhibitor budget worksheet and continue reading our next article in this exhibitor roadmap.

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