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GES Exhibit Systems+

SAVE 5% More When You Purchase GES Exhibit Flooring+ and
GES Furnishings+ In The Same Transaction. 

SAVE 10% When You Purchase GES Exhibit Flooring+, GES Exhibit Furnishings+, and GES Exhibit Systems+ In The Same Transaction.

Exhibiting at a trade show and need an affordable, turnkey, rental exhibit for your 10 x 10 or 10 x 20 booth space? GES offers multiple flooring, furnishing, and exhibit rental packages at cost-effective prices. Choose from the newest colors, styles, and rental designs to enhance your brand with GES Exhibit Systems+℠, GES Exhibit Flooring+℠, and GES Exhibit Furnishing+℠.

Designed especially for compact exhibit space, GES Exhibit Systems+ offers affordable 10 x 10 and 10 x 20 exhibit designs. Our exhibit systems maximize floor space, showcase high-impact custom-branded fabric and support sustainable exhibiting practices by renting and reusing materials. Also, shipping, material handling services, and show floor labor are ALL INCLUDED!

We have researched our best-selling flooring and furniture items and packaged them together to help make selecting enhancements for your exhibit space easier than ever. GES Exhibit Flooring+ and GES Exhibit Furnishings+ are available on your show’s online ordering site and can be ordered individually or combined together to create a complete exhibit design. 

Did we mention simple? It’s worth saying it again because we always have what’s best for our exhibitors in mind. Paired with any of our flooring package options and our popular furniture packages, your exhibit will not only be a showstopper but will also complement your show budget. And there’s no need to worry about missing deadlines or additional material handling or shipping charges, as those are all included with your exhibit rental package.

GES Exhibit Systems+ - Exhibit Displays for Small Spaces

GES Exhibit Systems+ takes the guesswork out of creating an exhibit, offering a variety of turnkey 10 x 10 and 10 x 20 designs. View options on your show’s online ordering site, prepare your print-ready graphics and upload them when ordering. All exhibits are unique and budget-friendly, featuring custom-branded fabric walls with artwork printed for each show, allowing you to craft show-specific messaging. And finally, for exhibitors who want to participate in sustainable exhibiting practices, these structures will be reused to reduce the impact on the environment. 

GES Exhibit Flooring+ - Flooring, Padding, and Protective Covering Packages

GES Exhibit Flooring+ packages feature multiple colors and styles of carpet or vinyl flooring, under-padding, and protective covering. With standard, plush, and ultra-plush carpet and many vinyl flooring options to choose from - maple, birch, Brazilian walnut, dark maple, checkerboard, concrete, onyx, snow-white, smoke vinyl, and more - exhibitors now have access to a wide range of possibilities to style their amazing (and affordable!) exhibits. 

GES Exhibit Furnishings+ - Best-Selling Specialty Furniture Packages

We took the guesswork out of designing seating and meeting spaces in small space exhibits and put our experts to the test to create multiple options that look fantastic and are budget-friendly. You have your choice of several packages and pricing options for tables, chairs, bar tables, and chairs, sofas, lounge seating, and more. For 10 x 20 spaces, pair a table and chairs package with a lounge seating one to dress up your space and provide a comfortable seating area for longer meetings with clients. Design your space for success – with stylish and comfortable furniture packages! 

Are you ready to begin designing your most successful exhibit ever? Talk to one of our experts now to get started! Learn more about the additional products and services offered in the GES Plus Series, the industry's broadest simplification effort.

Need design inspiration? Visit our exhibit rentals design gallery.