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3 Ways to Attract Young Talent in the Exhibition Industry

Are you involved in the events and exhibitions industry? Are you desperately seeking ways to attract and retain young talent? Most importantly, are you at a loss for figuring out how to do that? After producing thousands of events in hundreds of locations around the world, we have the experience and insight to help refresh and revitalize your business. So how should you be starting your recruitment efforts and what exactly do young candidates want from an employer? Read on to find out…

Early Engagement is Critical

There’s a misconception that people don’t necessarily plan for a career in the events industry. But students with strong academic backgrounds and experience in research are seriously well-suited for events positions. Why not offer a regular internship program during the school and summer terms for senior students interested in an experience within the events industry?  Experiencing a creative and rewarding internship might be the deciding factor for them in pursuing a career in the industry.

And of course, involving young talent through an internship program with hands-on experience exposes participants to the epic range of roles available in the industry. Additionally, with an internship program, young talent can start preparing for a career in the events industry before graduation and can focus on those skills that will help them excel. Get them engaged and there will be gratitude aplenty.


Provide What Young Talent Wants

3 Ways to Attract Young Talent to the Events and Exhibitions Industry

Boring job? No, thank you. In a change from previous generations, studies show young professionals value a creative work environment much more than stability - even if that stable job has a higher salary. You can help to fuel their desires by showing young talent how the events industry emphasizes creativity and forward thinking by way of imaginative and data-driven, client-focused strategies.

Today’s young professionals focus on three areas when choosing a career: training, a creative work environment and opportunities for advancement. Showing candidates that you invest in on-the-job training will attract young talent as well as enhance staff performance. Let’s look at the role of a conference producer or show organizer who is responsible for an event’s success by verifying intellectual content while also showcasing the events industry’s creative element. Along with conducting wide subject research, they also shape the event’s overall content structure.

The content producer must also manage the event’s creative content as well as develop innovative solutions regarding logistics. By valuing creativity as key to advancement, young professionals will understand that this is a career path offering growth and advancement through innovation.

Establish a Digital Presence

Forget about taking things offline, get yourselves online, and quickly. The job hunt is all about the internet and without a strong digital presence, you can be losing out on new  talent. Consistent digital outreach and an updated, intuitive interface along with a current careers page will attract talent interested in your company. Make it easy and encouraging to navigate your website, careers page and on social media. 

At GES, we believe in nurturing young talent. For further information, contact us at GES career.