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Hanging Signs Plus

Are you interested in increasing your company’s exposure at your next show? Adding a hanging sign above your booth might be the perfect solution. At GES, we want to provide a simple, efficient, and cost-effective way to incorporate hanging signs into your exhibit space. GES Hanging Signs+ is a premier service offering for show organizers and exhibitors.

GES Hanging Sign+ packages offer a variety of options to accommodate your budget and simplify the ordering process. Our all-inclusive service means your order includes labor, equipment, materials, and electricity up to 15amps (package-based).  GES Hanging Signs+ is the cost-effective service solution exhibitors have been waiting for!

GES Hanging Signs+ makes it easier to plan, understand and order. 

First, select the package that best describes your sign: hanging sign (non-electrical), hanging sign with lighting, or hanging sign with a rotating motor.  

Hanging Sign+ (Non-Electrical)
A static sign that does not rotate or have lighting.

Hanging Sign+ with Lighting
Lighted sign to include arm lights and lighting that is incorporated within your sign that does not require hardwiring, rewiring, and does not exceed 15 amps 120v power and/or 3hrs of assembly. 

Hanging Sign+ with Rotating Motor 
A rotating sign that does not include lighting. GES rotators may be ordered separately.

Next, choose the shape and size option: 
Shape: Circle, Square, Triangle, Pinwheel, Rectangle, Oval, L-shaped, Serpentine, or 2-Sided
Size: 10’ or less, 11’ to 15’, or 16’ to 20’

Budget and cost certainty

We stand behind our clear, all-inclusive pricing for labor, equipment, material, and electrical (package-based). We offer three rates to help simplify efforts and budget efficiently. Take advantage of our most economical rates by ordering before the Discount Deadline. 

  1. Discount Rate - Complete order received on or before the Discount Deadline date
  2. Regular Rate - Complete order received after the Discount Deadline date to one day before Exhibitor Move-In
  3. Show Site Rate - Complete order received during Exhibitor Move-In

GES Hanging Sign+ Complete Order Process:

  1. Find your show and review rules, regulations, and facility limitations.
  2. Obtain approval from Show Management/GES if applicable.
  3. Confirm your sign graphics and hardware are in working condition with all needed parts. Note the size, shape, electrical needs (if applicable) of the sign before ordering. Exhibitors are responsible for shipping the sign and hardware to and from the facility. 
  4. Order the Hanging Sign+ Package that applies to your sign.
  5. Secure credit card payment. 
  6. Provide floorplan including weight, elevation, pick points, placement and adjacent booth number(s) for orientation 
  7. Ship and confirm receipt of the sign, along with assembly instructions to the GES Advance Warehouse by the cut-off date stipulated on the Show Ordering Site

Additionally, our simplified invoicing makes it easy to break down costs. We clearly define important dates, delineate how to complete orders, and share how to obtain the lowest pricing on the show’s online ordering site. Our goal is to help you understand the costs required in the most concise way possible.

Our experts are ready to talk with you and answer any questions. Eliminate the guesswork, call us now to find out how GES Hanging Signs+ takes care of your signage needs with ease, simplicity, and budgets in mind.

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