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Simply Electrifying!

 At GES, we've simplified electrical outlet ordering, from pricing to packaging to invoicing and created GES Electrical+℠. Here’s a quick breakdown of services and benefits with GES Electrical+ for the convenience of our Exhibiting partners and clients:

Package Outlet Pricing 
Previously, exhibitors ordered outlets, labor, and materials separately. Now, there’s an easier way to choose what you need with package outlet pricing. 

All-Inclusive Outlet Ordering

  • Select 120V or 208V outlet, choose amperage, materials, and floor work labor are included and hook-up labor for 208V and higher. 
  • Order before the Discount Deadline date for the best pricing! 
  • GES offers Exhibitors a 100% Refund Guarantee on standard orders canceled seven days before the first day of Move-in. 

Electrical  Planning 

  • Determine how much power you will need in your booth. Gather a list of all electrical equipment to be powered.  Don’t forget to include the amount needed to run vacuums and charge devices. 
  • Retrieve the power required on the equipment tag of each item. All devices, including TVs and computers, generally list the power requirement on the product label. If not, view the power usage estimate chart to determine amps needed. A good rule of thumb is 5 amps are equal to 500 watts, 15 amps equal 1500 watts, etc. 
  • Notate where in your booth space the items will be placed and calculate how much power is needed. GES requires a minimum of 5 amps at each outlet location. 
  • Combine the wattage for the 110/120volt devices up to 15amps/1500 watts and select the outlet packages that meet or exceed this total. 

Rate Structure

  • Cost Certainty - All-Inclusive Outlet Pricing = Outlet + Materials + Labor
    Materials and labor are all included. Determine the number of outlets needed, order before the deadline for the best pricing, gather items needed to complete the order. 
  • Discount Rate - Complete order received on or before the Discount Deadline date. 
  • Regular Rate - Complete order received after the Discount Deadline date to one day before Exhibitor Move-in. 
  • Show Site Rate - Complete order received during Exhibitor Move-in. 

Completing Your Order AND Getting a Discount
Only completed electrical orders received by the Discount Deadline receive the discounted rate. If Booth Layout, payment, or labor orders are not received by midnight of the Discount Deadline date, the rate increases. So, of course, take advantage of that discount and save more money!

In order to receive the discount rates on both your outlets and labor order, the Booth Layout must be submitted with your electrical order on or before the Discount Deadline date. 

  1. Order outlet packages by visiting the show ordering site and click on utilities/electrical packages.
  2. Submit payment information and a credit card authorization form. 
  3. Select Labor:
    • Select Floor work - GES Supervised (Okay to Proceed without an Exhibitor) if you want electrical labor to be performed before arrival. 
    • Select Floor work - Exhibitor Supervised (Do Not Proceed) if you want to supervise and choose a date and time for the labor to be performed. 
    • Select Hook-up labor if you have ordered an outlet 208V or higher and choose a date and time when your machine(s) will be ready. 
  4. Submit complete electrical floor plan/Booth Layout Form (PDF or CAD) including scaling, orientation, main drop location (MDL), power distribution points, and placement of overhead and par can lighting (if applicable) that has been ordered separately from outlet package. Orders can be submitted online by clicking on electrical layout submission under utilities. 
  5. For additional information on electrical services, visit your show ordering site and click on Frequently Asked Questions under Utilities/Electrical Services.

Simplified Invoices  
With all-inclusive pricing and simplified line-item invoicing, ordering electrical outlets has never been easier. 

What’s Next
So, now you know that electrical outlet ordering, packaging, and invoicing processes are easily manageable for your next show with GES Electrical+.  Should you need further assistance, please reach out to one of our experts for help.

How to Find Helpful Information
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