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Helpful Exhibitor Services for Your GES Trade Show

At GES, we proudly offer exhibitors effortless and efficient contactless service to help you have your most successful show ever. Our Exhibitor Services Team has perfected this experience by innovating and implementing streamlined processes for your convenience and safety, including expanded communication channels and modified services to reduce the need for contact whenever possible. 

While our team is always available to meet with exhibitors in person, we are committed to providing the same level of service through (paperless) digital communications. Your health and safety and that of our teams, vendors, partners, and clients are of paramount importance to us always.

Stay Up-To-Date with Exhibitor Resources and Emails. 
We help you stay informed by offering clear communication for Online Ordering, Move-In/Move-Out details, Discounts and Deadlines, links to forms, and more: 

Order Online with Confidence with the Refund Guarantee. 

  • By ordering online, before the discount deadline date, exhibitors are guaranteed to receive the lowest possible pricing. 
  • In addition, exhibitors at GES shows can cancel online standard orders for products and services for a refund up to seven days before Move-In. (Partial or full charges may apply for services such as custom-cut carpet, specialty furniture, rigging, material handling, graphics, labor, or electrical services rendered before cancellation. View the GES Terms and Conditions/Payment Policy under Regulations and Guidelines on the show’s ordering site for more details).

Digital Forms and Pre-Print Labels. 
Did you know you can submit Outbound Material Handling Release Forms digitally and pre-print outbound address labels before you arrive at the show?  

  • If completed by the discount deadline, Exhibitors can pre-print address labels in advance of the show. 
  • Outbound Material Handling Release Form, also called a Bill of Lading, can be submitted online. It is encouraged to submit this form early to prevent delays.
  • Be sure we have the correct contact by filling out the Show Site Contact Form on the show's ordering site

Utilize the Advance Warehouse. 

Delays in shipping or issues with customs can cause headaches for any exhibitor. For many shows, GES offers the opportunity to ship items to the advance warehouse, a location near or at the tradeshow facility. 

  • Storing items up to 30 days before the show ensures items are safely stored and delivered on time to the show floor. 
  • Find detailed information about shipping to the Advance Warehouse under “Shipping to Show.” 

Provide Show Site Contact Information. 

  • Collecting the correct email and phone information for the team who will be on show site will help you stay on track and ensure you get the information you need in real-time. 
  • Provide show site contact information by filling out the online form under "Show Information." 

Utilize On-Site Texting for Personalized Service with Contactless Interactions. 

  • During Move-In, look for on-site signage to text questions or order GES products or services. 
  • During the show, GES Exhibitor Services staff can communicate with exhibitors through text, maximizing time with customers. 

Digitize Your Payment Methods. 

  • To expedite the Move-Out process, exhibitors are encouraged to submit the Order Form for Material Handling online. Note: It will not be processed until the account balance is paid in full. 
  • Utilize the texting program to expedite payment and to receive a secure link from Exhibitor Services to process your credit card payment.  
  • Links are also emailed to the show site contact before Move-Out or click here to view the form. 


Text GES Exhibitor Services (number provided by email 7-10 days prior to Move-In)

  1. Scan the QR code or click on the link to fill out the form and submit.
  2. Pack up your freight. 
  3. Use the show text number to notify Exhibitor Services you are ready to leave. Be sure to include your company name and booth number in the text.