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Staying Connected Safely

As our clients begin planning for future experiences, how do we as their partner help craft their best attendee experience while promoting a safe atmosphere incorporating recommended health and safety precaution best practices?
To do this, we begin our attendee journey planning with a keen eye on the design and layout of each element to ensure the attendee remains engaged and connected to the experience. We do all of this while helping them to feel safe.  Within those elements, we focus on ways to incorporate health and safety through contactless interactions and engagements, omnichannel communication, and ensuring safety and hygienic precautions are in place throughout the experience. These are our pillars, included in all aspects of our planning and execution, allowing us to provide a safe experience for our clients and their attendees.  
While every element of the experience includes these pillars to stay connected safely, there are some high traffic touchpoints requiring even greater detailed planning, creativity and innovative thinking. Our recommendations include:
Contactless interactions and badge retrieval
Floor graphics for queue management
Sanitation stations
Frequent and clear wayfinding
General Session:
Staggered admission
Dedicated entry and exit points with well-marked traffic flow
Socially distanced seating
Remote viewing on personal devices and broadcasting to other areas of the experience
Expo Layout:
Wide aisles with one-way traffic
Contactless engagement opportunities
Clear separation panels in build elements
Self-guided product demos
Networking, Engagement & Recreation Areas:
Single seating for physical distancing
Use of outdoor spaces
Graphic stickers and cards noting sanitization
Carpet and floor graphics to define spaces
We don’t take lightly the responsibility our clients have entrusted us with to help them plan their experience in the safest way. We continue to diligently work to provide the highest level of service to them. We ultimately believe, even with the heightened layer of health and safety precautions, we can still design to the best human experience, creating a safe environment, memorable moments and an emotional response that stays with their attendees.

About the Author

Meg Leche leads a team of extraordinary producers for GES Events. She has 20 years of experience with GES building and maintaining relationships with clients. She spent 11 years working on portfolio accounts for clients such as Gartner and UBM. In 2016, Meg brought her honed leadership and planning skills to our Events team where she was an Executive Producer, with a focus on Tech clients. In her current role, she is passionate about sharing her production expertise with her team. Meg is an alumna of Tulane University’s A.B. Freeman School of Business. She lives in New Orleans with her husband and three children.

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