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Exhibit Booth Accessories

When it comes to bringing attention to your trade show booth, greatness is in the details. Once your booth is set up and furnished, the right accessories can make all the difference in creating a memorable and effective presence, all while helping you stand out from your competition. They can draw in the crowd, create a comfortable atmosphere, and enhance your brand's visibility. To help you get started, here is a list of essential accessories for your next trade show.

Trade Show Accessories & Must-Have Exhibit Booth Materials

Trade show counters are the heart of your booth and may be the most essential of all the trade show display accessories. This is where you greet attendees, present your products, and make that all-important first impression. 

Customizable counters, such as the 1-meter curved exhibit counter, 1-meter, and 2-meter exhibit counters, allow you to incorporate your brand's graphics, making them a powerful branding tool. Kiosks can also be added to your booth for a more interactive experience. These handy tools are ideal for demonstrating software, conducting surveys, or displaying digital brochures.

Signage is another of your most critical trade show booth accessories.  Your signage plays a crucial role in helping attendees locate and remember your booth, distinguishing your brand as well.

Sign holders, tackboards, and easels can help display information in a clear and attractive manner. Literature racks are perfect for organizing and showcasing brochures or product catalogs. Remember, these offerings may vary per show, depending on the rental provider, so it's important to plan ahead.

Product Display
Displaying your products effectively not only attracts attention, but can also communicate your product's benefits clearly. 

Tables with skirting provide a clean and professional base for showcasing your products. For a touch of sophistication, posh shelving units can be used to exhibit your merchandise stylishly. Risers and pedestals offer varying levels for product display, drawing the eye to key items. If your products include clothing or accessories, garment racks, bag stands, and coat racks are a great way to keep items organized and visible. 

Dividers can add structure and visual appeal to your booth. Pipe and drape, stanchions, and clear dividers are further practical options. For a natural touch, consider adding boxwood dividers - they can create a calming and welcoming environment.

Sanitization & Cleaning
In our current health-conscious world, sanitization and cleaning accessories are more important than ever. Hand sanitizer stations and wastebaskets are must-haves to ensure your booth remains clean and hygienic.

Effective lighting can make the difference between standing out or getting lost in the sea of competition. It sets the mood, draws attention, and highlights your products or signage. Lamps and exhibit lighting can spotlight key areas of your booth, making them more attractive or visible to attendees. Remember, when planning your lighting, always check what's available from the rental provider as options can vary from show to show.

Audio and video accessories are powerful tools that can amplify your message and boost engagement. Consider using screens to display presentations or product demos, attracting attention from a distance and giving visitors an in-depth look at what you offer.

Audio accessories are equally important. Amplifying a product presentation with speakers, using a microphone for announcements, or playing soft background music to create a pleasant ambiance can enhance the overall experience for booth visitors.

Plants & Floral
Plants and floral arrangements make wonderful trade show display accessories.  Greenery and flowers add a breath of fresh air to your booth, brightening the atmosphere and helping you stand out. They provide a splash of color and can complement your brand's aesthetics.

In today's digital world, the internet is a necessity for most booths. While it's typically offered by the venue, ensure that you have reliable access to meet your needs.

Consider adding catering to your conference booth materials list. Free food is a great way to draw in a crowd. Offering refreshments or light bites, especially later in the day when attendees are tired, can be an incredibly effective strategy to increase booth traffic.

Focused on Exhibitor Success 
Helping exhibitors have a successful show is our top priority.  If you’re looking for a partner to help with exhibit planning details, download the exhibitor budget worksheet and continue reading our next article in this exhibitor roadmap.

If you are exhibiting at a GES show, click here to find your show and click on "Accessories" under "Booth Furnishings Rental" or "Additional Show Services" to find show's offerings. Also look for discount flooring and furniture packages as well as Exhibit Systems+, trade show booth rentals with custom fabric graphics.