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Exhibit Booth Flooring

One of the most important elements of your exhibit booth at any trade show is also one that’s often easy to overlook. Why? Because it’s right under your feet! 

That’s right, your booth’s flooring can do much more than just offer you something solid to stand on. It can also play a crucial role in making connections and boosting the return on investment for your trade show exhibits. 

At its simplest, great flooring may go entirely unnoticed. And that's okay, especially if you're investing in eye-catching graphics or digital displays – you want potential customers to focus on you and your products, not necessarily on what’s underfoot. 

However, poor flooring will always grab attention for all the wrong reasons. If it's an unusually bright color or visibly worn and dirty, it can become an unwanted focal point for anyone entering your booth. That said, making a statement with your flooring isn’t always a bad thing. For example, real wood or faux wood grain flooring can create a luxurious ambiance, making your business appear well-established and elegant. A bold color, on the other hand, can give your booth an edgy and creative vibe.

Of course, you also can’t overlook the practical realities of quality flooring. The right flooring can provide plenty of comfort for you, your team, and your customers. This is where anti-fatigue flooring comes into play. Not only will it be a relief for potential clients who've been walking around all day, but it's also a fantastic way to keep your booth staff energized and upbeat -- ensuring they’re ready to meet that next extra-important connection who might stroll into your exhibit.

When choosing trade show exhibit flooring, there are both benefits and potential pitfalls to consider. Let's dive into the world of exhibit flooring further, and find out what works best for you.

What is Exhibit Flooring?
Exhibit flooring is the surface that covers the floor of your exhibit booth. It can come in different materials, colors, and styles to match your booth design and create the perfect atmosphere for your visitors.

Exhibit Flooring Options for Small Exhibit Booths
If you have a small booth, it's important to choose flooring that's easy to transport, install, and store. Some options include rolled carpet, rolled vinyl, portable interlocking tiles, or even artificial turf. 

Is Exhibit Flooring Required?
Most trade shows do require exhibit flooring. Some halls may already have carpeting, while others might choose not to require exhibit flooring. Be sure to check your exhibitor ordering site to confirm if flooring is required for your particular show.

What Do I Need From Exhibit Flooring?
When choosing flooring for your exhibit, consider options that are affordable, sustainable, durable, and easy to install. Think through the practical steps of installation. If you're not up for the task of installing it yourself, you can always hire someone to help with installation and removal.

Display Flooring: What look am I trying to create?
Think about the overall look and feel of your booth. Do you need the most economical option, or do you want to match your flooring to your design? You can use flooring to create a cozy café feel or even match your booth's graphics.

Exhibit Flooring: What are my options?
You can either rent or purchase your flooring. There are a variety of materials to choose from, such as carpet, rubber, or vinyl. Be sure to explore sustainable materials, too.

Best Trade Show Flooring Options
Rolled Carpet - Although it can be heavy and expensive to ship, rolled carpet is a popular choice because it takes up very little vertical space for storage. Renting carpet can save you money on shipping, material handling, and labor. Adding padding under the carpet makes it more comfortable for your staff and guests.

  • Rolled Vinyl - Often available in wood flooring patterns. It's usually best to rent this type of flooring because rolled vinyl is easier and lighter to transport than actual wood flooring.
  • Portable Options - Interlocking plastic, rubber, foam, or tile flooring is easy to install and ship. These options are perfect for smaller booths.
  • Artificial Turf - If you want to create a unique look, artificial turf is an interesting option to consider. It can also fit brands in unique spaces such as landscaping, sporting goods, or agriculture.
  • Visqueen - This plastic covering protects your flooring from dirt, spills, and damage during move-in. Consider it a must-have for protecting your flooring investment.

Do I need to order padding?

Single or double padding absorbs impact, making it not only comfortable to walk on but stand on. It also helps your booth staff reduce fatigue with its shock-absorbing properties. discount flooring and padding packages are available on most shows. 

Eco-Friendly Exhibit Flooring Considerations
When making your selection, consider green flooring options made from natural or recycled materials.  You can choose a sustainable trade show flooring by deciding to rent: rented flooring can be used multiple times and is not discarded after a single show. If the trade show allows it, using no flooring at all can also be a green option.

To sum things up, choosing the right trade show flooring is essential for creating a professional and inviting exhibit booth. Consider factors such as size, ease of transportation and installation, design, and sustainability when making your decision. With the right flooring, your booth will not only look great, but it'll be comfortable for your staff and visitors as well. 

Focused on Exhibitor Success 
Helping exhibitors have a successful show is our top priority.  If you’re looking for a partner to help with exhibit planning details, download the exhibitor budget worksheet and continue reading our next article in this exhibitor roadmap.

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