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Story Telling with Your Stand

Story Telling with Your Stand

Being in this industry, we know that when it comes to being a brand on the trade show floor – it’s all about standing out. In a sea of exhibitors, it’s a competitive space – with each booth/stand vying for precious attendee attention.

With your booth being the central focal point, many brands want the biggest, best and brightest features to grab attention. We would argue that it’s less about being showy and more about telling a genuine story with your stand.


Why Story Telling with Your Stand

The bright lights and large structures grab attention, but if there is no substance or story behind your design, the attendee acknowledges the “cool” factor of your booth but quickly moves on. Story telling is important because it is the essential connection between your booth design and your brand. It is the link which helps your brand story truly resonate with attendees.


What is my Booth Story?

When determining your story, start with your key messages. Think about what you want attendees to know about your brand and how you want them to feel about you when they walk away.

Start brainstorming with a word cloud and build your experience around these ideas. Ensure that each component of your booth experience is in line with what you want to portray.


Components of Your Stand Story


The first thing attendees see is your stand. Do you want to portray a strong standout presence – maybe a multi-story booth can communicate this? Want attendees to feel like you are welcoming and personal? Include comfortable and cozy lounge spaces on your booth interior.

Exhibit Design-Comfortable lounge spaces on your booth


Once attendees enter your booth, your staff can make or break their experience. Ensure that your people facilitate the experience you intend on creating. While they may have sales goals, they should first focus on the attendee experience.


Your stand activities keep your attendees engaged and communicate your brand identity. Want to showcase your new technology? If your booth focus is around innovation, be innovative in how you perform your product demos and have creative giveaaway items. Every activity is a brand touchpoint with the attendee.


Real Examples of Story Telling with Your Stand


This mobile distribution specialist was not only interested in showcasing their product but also debuting a new brand look and feel, a new product portfolio and a new website.

See how they created a multi-faceted presence for their brand here.





This machinery corporation brought their factory to the show floor to demonstrate their state-of-the-art products and their after-sale care programs in immersive, open platform.

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This finance and lending services group focused on agriculture created a modest, relaxed design to appeal to the cost-conscious rural audience. Here's how they did it.

Exhibit Design - Barclays