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Business Sustainability - Beyond Going Green

You Can Only Spell Sustainable With US!

At GES, our vision is to improve sustainable operations at events by leading the charge of the circular economy model. We endeavor to reduce resource consumption and emission at every event by providing a range of sustainable equipment including rentals that lower the demand to extract, produce and ship raw materials. We also reuse materials, offer a wide range of rental equipment, repurpose items wherever possible, and use recycled/upcycled materials to facilitate our event services with the least amount of virgin materials possible. 

The second we think of brand activations, we think of Earth first. At GES, sustainability inspires us - so we actively seek partnerships that will hop on the eco-friendly track with us. Less impact on the environment makes a significant impact on us. So, we want to create experiences and activations that steer clear of unnecessary waste while promoting environmentally sustainable global aspirations. 

The time has come to take a stand and end the unnecessary waste events generate. This is why the GES continues to strive to create a legacy of sustainability for the entire events industry through our processes, practices, materials, and, more importantly, educating industry stakeholders. 

Learn more about our commitment to sustainability by viewing our ESG Report.

Sustainable Event Standards Silver Certification

The EIC Sustainable Event Standards are specific standards for environmental and social responsibility within the events industry. Created by the EIC Sustainability Committee in partnership with industry professionals and leading sustainability practitioners, the requirements provide event planners and suppliers with prescriptive actions for producing and delivering sustainable events. The standard specifies performance criteria in the areas of organizational management, marketing, communications and engagement, climate action, water management, materials and circularity, supply chain management, diversity, equity and inclusion, accessibility, and social impact. The Event Organizer standard is one of seven comprehensive standards for environmentally sustainable meetings. GES currently holds a Silver Certification from the EIC Sustainable Event Standards. 

Industry Commitment to Sustainable Initiatives

GES and thirteen other organizations in the B2B trade show industry collaborated for over two years to create an Environmental Impact Framework in U.S. and Canada to Support the Events Industry’s Sustainability Initiatives. The report, titled Finding the future, together: Towards a more sustainable B2B trade show industry in the U.S. and Canada, creates a foundation of data and knowledge for decision-making, knowledge-sharing, and action, highlighting the industry’s most significant environmental impacts. It also showcases steps the industry has already taken to address those impacts and identifies 30 near and long-term steps to secure a more sustainable future.  Download the report and learn how your team can help in this effort